FJ40 Land Cruiser Baskets

These baskets bolt directly to our 40 series Full Tire and Cooler Carrier. Ideal for a large ice chest or multiple jerry cans.

Plate Style Basket for 40FTC

Yeti 45 Basket for 40FTC

  • 3/16" plate steel
  • Hi-Lift jack provisions
  • License plate bracket/mounting holes
  • 1"x.120 wall tubing on tubular baskets
  • Powder coated satin black (Optional)

Each basket is capable of holding 3 jerry cans.

Our Plate Style Basket has the same outer dimensions as the Tube Basket, but has a little more interior room.

The Yeti 45 Basket is built out of the same material as our standard tube basket but is slightly larger to fit the popular Yeti 45 Cooler.

Yeti 45 Basket is also available plate style. If you want it plate style, let us know.

Plate Style Basket Product #: 40TCPB
Base Price: $450 (Comes Bare Metal)


Yeti 45 Basket Product #: 40TCY45B
Base Price: $495 (Comes Bare Metal)