FJ40 Land Cruiser Rocker Protectors

Our 40 series Rocker Protectors provide a durable step into your Land Cruiser and great side-panel protection.

All of our 40 series Rocker Protectors/sliders start with 1/4" plate formed into an angle that is 2-3/4" tall and 2-1/4" across the base.

Each side mounts with six 3/8" buttonhead bolts which are included.

They are available plain as a DIY item or with steps in the following styles:

Full Step
Full Step features a 1-1/2"x.120" wall tube with a full diamond plate top

This gives the truck a stock look, but is capable of more punishment than stock steps

FJ40 Full Step Rocker Protectors Product #: 40FSS
Base Price: $515 (Comes Bare Metal)