FJ60 Land Cruiser Rock Sliders

Our FJ60 Rock Sliders are not just ideal for protecting your 60 series when conquering large obstacles, but they look great as well.

These sliders bolt to mounts welded to your frame. This is a convenient feature when it comes time to re-do body work or paint your vehicle.
Built with 2-1/2"x.188" wall square tubing.

2"x.120" wall round tube, angled upward, provides full length side protection.

3/16" formed spanners give support throughout.

Our sliders bolt to eight 3/8"x4-1/2" plate steel mounts with scab plates.

These mounts will need to be welded to your frame.

Four 1/2" thick mounting legs with 1/4" gussets(per slider) for unyielding support.

Hardware included

Powder coated satin black

Note to our customers

Over the past year we have seen the largest single year spike in the cost of doing business in the 31 years we've been building Land Cruiser parts. In the last year steel prices have jumped over 100% and lumber for building shipping pallets has risen 200-400%. As a result our larger items have seen a jump in material costs of $100- $250.00.

Coupled with labor increases and other operating costs like fuel prices we are faced with the option of raising prices or ceasing production of those products. The products that have a higher labor to material ratio will see a smaller jump but those with a high material to labor ratio will see a noticeable jump.

We invest in six months to year ahead in material inventory so hopefully the investment we make for this second half of 2021 will keep prices stable until next year as the price of steel and fuel are expected to keep rising. Steel has been a steady 5-10% per month this year and doesn't appear to be levelling off.

FJ60 Rock Sliders Product #: 60SLDR
Base Price: $1,095 (Comes Bare Metal)