FJ40 Land Cruiser Battery Trays

Our 40 series battery trays are designed to be used with the popular V-8 conversions.
They are available either the driver's or passenger side position using stock shock tower as support member

These work with first and second generation GM V-8's. Due to the size of the third generation motor they will probably not be compatible with that series.

Formed from 3/16" plate

Available in either 7.25" x 10.5" or 7.25" x 12"

Powder coated satin black

FJ40 Battery Tray (Driver's Side) Product #: 40BT-D
Price: $195 (Comes Powder Coated)
FJ40 Battery Tray (Passenger Side) Product #: 40BT-P
Price: $195 (Comes Powder Coated)