FJ40 Land Cruiser Shock Towers

Bolts through existing rivet holes

2" longer than stock. Essential for the lengthier needed shock when a lift is used.

Double shear design for strength

1/4" plate construction

May require minor trimming of inner fender well on some year models.
How To Install
Remove 4 rivets holding each shock tower in place.

To ease install, chase the rivet holes out slightly. The holes are approximately 7/16". Although the mounting hardware is also 7/16", drilling the holes to the next size (15/32, or even 1/2") will facilitate the install.

There are two bolt plates per tower with different spreads between bolts. The bolt plates pass through the frame and tower from the inside out. The washer and nut are installed on the outside.

Make sure to get all of the nuts started before tightening them down.

FJ40 Shock Towers Product #: 40SHC_TWR
$395 a pair