FJ60 Land Cruiser Classic Rear Bumper

Our 60 series Classic Rear Bumper features two easy to use swing-outs, is relatively simple to install, and is practically indestructable.

No part of this rear bumper/tire carrier touches your Land Cruiser's body.

Bumper section is built from precision cut, formed 3/16" plate steel.

Tire carrier and jerry can basket swing-outs are made with 2"x.250" wall square tubing.

Although strength and durability were our chief concerns, much attention was given to appearance and utility.

Holding the channel tight to the body and chamfering the bottom at 45 degrees, departure angle is maximized without sacrificing structural integrity.

The outer "wings" are boxed for reinforcement making them very rigid. This carrier does not rattle or flex while driving rough roads.

Pivots are precision ground & polished shafting and .250" wall DOM tubing with replaceable bronze bushings.

D-ring/shackle mounts are 1/2" thick plate steel.

Features a built-in tow/hitch receiver with chain loops that connects to a 2-1/2"x.188" wall square tube cross bar.

** NEW **

Now featuring stainless steel lockouts for when you would like to keep the tire carrier arms open.

Our lockouts have two positions to choose from, will not chip or rust, and are included with any 60 series Classic Rear Bumper option.

We also now offer the option of integrated rear reverse lights to our 60 series rear bumpers.

These lights are two very bright 18 watt flush mount LEDs.

Although they can be wired into the reverse light circuit, because of their brightness, I prefer switching them independently.

These will be welcome on the trail or as a work light for trail repairs.

Shackle mounting points are reinforced with 1-3/8"x.188" wall sleeves.

3/8" tire mounting plate will easily handle a fully inflated 37" tire and is adjustable for wheel width.

Jerry can basket and basket mount are constructed of 3/16" plate steel.
The basket features a Hi-lift jack provision, holes to mount license plate and license plate light, and can hold two jerry cans.

Closes with a Carr Lane Double Cam Clamp.

Hardware is included

Powder coated satin black (Optional)

To install, you must remove your frame's factory rear cross member, the eight rivets in your rear body mounts, as well as the stock rear bumper mounts(six rivets).

The bumper then slides and bolts into the frame rails and provides even more support than before with our built-in cross bar.

Note to our customers

Over the past year we have seen the largest single year spike in the cost of doing business in the 31 years we've been building Land Cruiser parts. In the last year steel prices have jumped over 100% and lumber for building shipping pallets has risen 200-400%. As a result our larger items have seen a jump in material costs of $100- $250.00.

Coupled with labor increases and other operating costs like fuel prices we are faced with the option of raising prices or ceasing production of those products. The products that have a higher labor to material ratio will see a smaller jump but those with a high material to labor ratio will see a noticeable jump.

We invest in six months to year ahead in material inventory so hopefully the investment we make for this second half of 2021 will keep prices stable until next year as the price of steel and fuel are expected to keep rising. Steel has been a steady 5-10% per month this year and doesn't appear to be levelling off.

FJ60 Classic Rear Bumper Product #: 60-RBTC
Base Price: $2,250 (Comes Bare Metal)


Special Order Options:

Save $75 by picking this product up at our shop.

*Will encroach on and prevent the storage of a Hi-lift jack